Extreme Car Driving Simulator App Reviews

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Love it

Its the best game ever. The quality of EVERY thing is cool. And its FREE* *ads 1.99

More and less

I have a iPhone 6 and this game have lot of cash on my device so I dont know if this is a bug out not


Muito realista!!!

Good Idea

I would like to drive the Lamborguini Urus from Off-Road here at this game. Tks

Muito show

Muito show

Bad update

The new crash noise is really irritating and the stuff that flies off the car just looks like confetti... It makes me not want to crash so if there could just be an option to not have it in game that would be great

Pritty Noice

Pritty noice

It would be great with mutiplayer

It would be great with Multi Player

Great game!

Can you make the damaged more realistic? For example. When you crash the door get crumbled or falls off. And add Airbags Front Passenger Side too plz

Love it!

This is the best physics car game ever if you are reading this get the dam game!!


DONT GET THIS APP because you will just be looking at an add the whole time


Its good but could you add multiplayer. Also it would be great if you added a mode were cops chase you?! That would be fun!!

Nothing but an ad for mobile strike.

Too many ads!!! I can understand an ad now and then, but 14 in 10 min of gameplay? Thats pathetic. Not to mention the steering is WAY too touchy and theres no way to adjust it. Waste of time and space.

Good and Bad

Its a good game but to get the cars you have to get these little icons and that is really annoying. I like the kilometres driven though. Overall fun and good game. Challenges are good.

How to stop the ads

I found that turning off my WIFi and (in my settings) turning off the cellular network for the game will stop the ads. Its a half decent game once when you turn off the wifi and cellular


This keeps crashing. Please fix

Can there be multiplayer,please?

People on YouTube have multiplayer but this game doesnt have multiplayer,so can you please put in for next update multiplayer?


Whenever i go high speed with the LaFerrari, theres always something suddenly stuck under the car and makes it go very slow, very annoying. Please fix it.

missing things

this game would have much more downloads if there was: -less ads -more cars -CAR NAMES -more ways to make money -multyplayer -car upgrades -in the paint shop- but its a cool game

Next update

The game is very good but I would like to see some more Ferrari models like the f12 Berlinetta. Can you also add a mclaren p1. I would also like to see multiplayer. The last thing that I would like to see is a larger map. These things will bring the game to 5 stars

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